Equator Capital Group is seeking and developing opportunities in the following areas:

Renewable Energy

Equator Solar was established to acquire, develop and operate utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) energy projects located on degraded lands in the United States and certain emerging market countries and is now a world leader in the development of such projects located on degraded mining company owned lands.

Natural and Organic Products

Equator Pure Nature Co. Limited is a Thailand based enterprise that produces, markets and distributes a broad line of natural, environmental-friendly, hypo-allergenic, bio-degradable household cleaning products.

Soupergirl is a Washington, D.C. based company that makes soups with natural seasonal ingredients from local farms. It sells these products directly to consumers both from its own locations and via e-commerce and also distributes its soups through larger retail stores including Whole Foods® and Costco®.

Historic Assets

The Equator Collection provides capital to restore and maintain assets of significant historic value and importance to the United States.

Sustainable Real Estate and Resort Development

Equator Properties invests in sustainable commercial real estate and resort development projects that commit to the highest standard of environmental stewardship, labor practices and relations with locally affected communities and indigenous peoples.


Equator Pictures invests in feature and documentary films that inspire audiences and help mobilize resources necessary to meet human rights and wildlife conservation challenges.

Philanthropic Activities

The Equator Fund is nonprofit, nongovernmental organization based in Washington D.C. and founded in 2014 to support human rights causes, conservation organizations and educational institutions.